OdinScript is an app, suitable for children and adults alike, who needs to keep track of all kinds of daily tasks and routines.
The app is simple, and makes it easy to create and manage an unlimited number og routines (scripts), as well as include pictures from your own photo library.
Each completed step is marked in green, which makes it easy to keep track of your task schedule or individual routine task.
This makes the app well suited for kids and adults with special needs, including persons with a diagnosis within the autistic spectrum and ADHD.

Keep track of your day, your routines, your activities, todo lists, reminders, recipies, anything you want:

– Create an unlimited number of routines with an unlimited amount of steps
– Add text and images from your own photo library for each step
– Simply press a step to complete it, making it turn green so you can track your overall progress
– Easy creation and configuration of your routines
– Lock editing with password
– Re-arrange tasks
– Tasks can be read aloud by the device 
– 48 free pictographs for the morning routine (buy more packs inside the app)
– Rewards
– Timed tasks
– Store scripts in the cloud with Dropbox
– Generate QR code from script and open script by scanning QR code
– *** No subscription! Ever! ***

Get it for iOS here

Get it for Android here

Watch videos about how to use OdinScript here (Danish language!)